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The Positive Impact of

School Lunches on Students

Lunch is an important part of your child’s active school day. They need the brain fuel to make the most of the second part of their school day. Having a fresh and healthy lunch will help them focus on learning instead of how tired or hungry they are.
Like most parents, you’ve carefully chosen your child’s specific school based on what they can personally offer to your student. And like most schools, they are hyper-focused on creating an environment that will help students blossom into their best potential self. School administrators have to deal with the logistics of many bureaucratic requirements and the overall organization of a school campus. Lunch is a part of their day but not necessarily a priority that is focused on.
This is a call to action for you to be a true advocate for your child. Your school’s lunch program is an important part of the school environment. We believe that offering a healthy and nutritious lunch program will help prepare our students to be the best students they can be.
If you want a healthy and sustainable lunch program at your school, be an advocate for change by completing the form below. We will reach out to your school to see if they would be interested in learning more and to let them know that they have parents advocating for healthy lunch at their school.

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